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“I have heard such positive comments from students, parents, and staff about the impact of the impact of the experience. As one mother wrote, “What a great choice and what a great program Eric Barthold seemed to run. [My son] actually talked a bit about it when he got home (knowing I would be thrilled that he’s getting that kind of thoughtful social awareness education at school). He’s usually a clam about life unless it’s sports, so the fact that he spoke so enthusiastically says a lot. High school teachers have spoken about how students returned to their classrooms determined to continue the conversation, and the at least a few cases teachers structured subsequent classroom activities in response to student awareness and interes that was stimulated by [Eric’s] workshop.”
– Mohawk Trail High School Principal

“At KUA we consistently have had strong programming for our female students, but struggled to meet the needs of our young men. Eric was recommended to us by another speaker as someone who can truly connect, and ‘get real’, with boys of all ages. Students moped into the auditorium complaining of another hour of their time being taken up, but after that hour it was tough to get them to leave! Eric engaged them in a way that I have not seen any other guest speaker accomplish. His ability to get to the core of the issue, dissect gender stereotypes and behaviors, use humor and storytelling, and talk openly and honestly about issues facing the male population today, is unmatched. We highly recommend Eric as a speaker for boys of all ages!”
– Kimball Union Academy Assistant Dean of Students

“I learned that men and women are not treated in the same way, and that can only be changed by a large portion of the general community taking a stand and saying that it is wrong. I also learned that trying to fit into the stereotypical “man box” is not something we should try to fit into, and that the media tries to play up that kind of man.”
– Carrabassett Valley Academy Student

“I liked of how he was so open to our ideas. I also liked how he showed us how much pressure we exert on ourselves, both boys and girls and how we can help each other as a community to relieve some of this pressure.”
– Burke Mountain Academy Student

“Eric Barthold recently met with my high school boys lacrosse team and gave his ‘Man Up and Open Up’ presentation. Eric’s relaxed and non-preaching interactive style resulted in a spirited discussion and exchange of ideas and feelings. The team remained engaged and participated fully for the entire session. I am convinced what these young men learned will factor in their development into considerate and respectful adult men. If you have a chance for Eric to meet with your group, take it!”
– Hanover High School Lacrosse Coach

“Eric’s program ‘Man Up and Open Up’ helps high school aged boys understand the unrealistic roles that our society places on them. Participants learn that the very expectations that are placed on them set them up for failure! Eric’s candid talk redefines what being tough means and makes being tough a realistic, healthy goal for boys! Eric’s program should be standard curriculum for middle and high school boys.”
– Hanover High School Gym Teacher

“For me the MAV talk offered an unbiased and open forum for conversation on an important issue of male violence, specifically in a college setting. The way in which there seemed to be no pre-conceived agenda, but rather a truly open and constructive conversation made the opinions and experiences that were expressed by both the leaders and the participants feel genuine and candid, making them engaging. I left that talk with a new perspective on an important issue that I had previously thought little about, because of the way I felt it didn’t pertain to me as an individual. Personally, I took away an understanding that the MAV discussion was not just about the ‘black and white’ aspects of male violence–‘date rape’, sexual assault etc.–but also the subtle ways in which we as men can carry and conduct ourselves, as well as look out for those around us, in a way that ensures that even unintended actions do not put women in uncomfortable situations. I think any time you leave a discussion with a broader or fresh perspective on an issue or subject, then that discussion was well worth having.”
– Colby College Lacrosse Player